Australian animated cartoon perfect for children and good distraction


Ian DaCosta, Staff Writer

If there was a movie that you wanted to use to distract a child for two hours, Back to the Outback would be perfect. An animated movie made for children was exactly what it was and what was expected from it. It appeared to be a movie that teaches a lesson to the watchers in a cute and subtle way that also made it interesting for young viewers.

Back to the Outback tells a story about four animals who leave a zoo in Australia in order to go and find their real families out in the mountains and land. The characters or animals go on a true adventure throughout the movie, meeting other animals and running away from a man and son who try to capture them. Many life lessons can be revealed throughout the movie from beginning to end, which may not be noticed by younger viewers, but well acknowledged by an older audience.

One problem that reoccurred over and over again was the movie can be seen as predictable and very simple to guess what was going to happen next. But this wouldn’t be a problem for the movie, as it is intended for a younger audience who wouldn’t be able to predict the plot.

The animation of the movie was done to perfection as the colors and scenery throughout the movie was beautiful. In comparison to other animated movies, I would be the animation of this on the same level of Rio.

The producers did a good job in teaching lessons to the audience such as to not judge a book by it’s cover and to be the you that you can be ,as they were easy to notice throughout the movie. Another thing well done by the producers was the sound track of the movie had familiar songs young children might know, and they tied in well to the movie and gave it a good factor that it lacked.

Although it was predictable and basic, it’s a great movie to show to a young audience as I imagine that’s who the producers were trying to aim for. It won’t catch the eye of an older watcher, but enough for a child under the age of 10. It’s not a movie I would go out of my way to watch again, but it’s a great time waster if you need a break and are in a childish mood.