Encanto, a Magical World

TyAnna Fernandes, Staff Writer

Encanto is a quality family-friendly Disney movie. This movie fulfills all the needs of an ordinary Disney movie: a relatable and friendly main character, an interesting main plot, and a funny subplot. Being the work of famous songwriter, director, producer, and actor Lin Manuel Miranda, all the songs within the movie are earworms that are easy to understand. While the movie is definitely worth the watch, there are very few critiques to give.

It should also be taken into consideration that this is a kid’s movie. The target audience is not adults. So to an average adult or even teenager, this movie may feel repetitive or that it beats a dead horse. Even so, the movie is enjoyable enough for a general audience that parents can still enjoy the movie with their kids. Maybe they can even learn a little about a child’s perspective of intergenerational family dynamics. As long as all this is taken into account an adult can truly enjoy the movie from the perspective of a child.

Encanto is also an interesting display of Colombia as a country and the culture within it. Every character has a unique design that ties into the various phenotypes that can be seen in Colombia. A lot of characters are of darker complexion with curly hair. Most if not all of them have a strong nose with a high bridge. All of the characters speak in a mixture of Spanish and English, having the Spanish words be those of endearment to show the connection to the Latin heritage. The character design, aside from the culture within it, is fun and vibrant. All the characters have bright or muted colors to coincide with their personalities.

All in all, this movie is worth the watch, at least for kids. Maybe some adults can also connect to the family dynamics too.