‘Married’ to Kills Birds New Album


Emily DeSouza, Editor-in-Chief

Kills Birds new album “Married,” released Nov. 12, restores faith in modern punk rock in a matter of 35 minutes and 23 seconds. 

Going into the album, I had no knowledge of Kills Birds aside from an article I saw on Pitchfork saying they were releasing a new album.

Kills Birds has a sound similar to Sleater-Kinney along with many other female led Riot Grrrl bands of the 1990s.  

It’s a sound you don’t hear well executed as often anymore. A sound that you could reinvent your life to. A sound that you could destroy your life to. A sound that you could aggressively work out to. A sound that you could aggressively cry to.

It very much has a garage punk rock/grunge sound, which I very much enjoy in contrast to other current bands that have no issue being over-polished.

While the individual songs get somewhat repetitive in lyrics at times, it in no way makes it unenjoyable to listen to. However, I would recommend doing something while listening to the album, as just sitting there listening gets a wee bit boring.

The album as a whole has an unpolished punk rock sound.  The last song and title track, “Married,” has a very quiet, comforting sound that seems like something Alvvays or Grouper would make. This is for the first three minutes. The last two minutes seem to have a noise-rock type sound with a scream only comparable to Phoebe Bridgers’ scream at the close of “I Know The End,” except on steroids. 

Of the 11 songs on the album, “Cough Up Cherries,” “Natalie,” and “Married” are the top three with special recognition to “Woman,” “Wallowing,” and “PTL.” While all of the songs are well done in terms of instrumentals, structure, and lyrics, their song “Glisten” gets quite repetitive.

I would recommend this album to anyone who enjoys a strong, bad-ass, female lead who is really similar to Courtney Love except without the inevitable drama.