Doors don’t want hugs

Ian DaCosta, Staff Writer

The dumbest thing I have ever done was jump into the frame of a door in middle school and split my head open, leading to five stitches on my forehead. It was a bad idea, but a funny story to explain to the nurse after I had to run there holding my head from spilling out any more blood onto the trail I left on the floor.

I didn’t just do this for no reason though.

See, there was a trend where you would jump as close as you could to the frame of a door and then at the last second, move your head back so you don’t hit the door with your head. I made the mistake of moving my head forward instead of backward, and I hit my head so hard that it felt like I could hear vibrations throughout my body.

It didn’t exactly hurt like you may think. I was laughing at first, holding my head where I hit it. Then I felt my hands get warm, and when I lifted my head to look, my hand was filled with blood and my head was flowing out blood like when you’re brushing your teeth and cupping water with your hands to put in your mouth.

I ran to the nurse as quickly as I could with my friend as a trail of blood was behind us, and when I got to the nurse, I panicked and just told her, “My head hurts.” Not the greatest moment of my life, but it was full of humor.

I waited for my mom to pick me up from school while holding a wad of gauze to my head, and I’ve never seen her get to school quicker than she did that day. She was so worried about me while I was sitting down with a simple headache. She brought me to urgent care to get the stitches put into my head, which added up to five in total.

I did get Wendy’s after I got the stitches put in, so I would say it was a successful day altogether.

When I got home, I just relaxed in bed all day, and surprisingly, I didn’t have a concussion after splitting my head open, which didn’t make sense then and still doesn’t now, but that’s not important.

After this, life was pretty calm until the next school day, when I was swarmed with people asking if I was okay and how dumb one person could possibly be.

Now it’s just a funny thing to laugh about from the past and get reminded about the dumbest thing I did every time I look at the scar on my forehead.