Favorite Albums of 2021


Sydnee Ramos, Staff Writer

Music influences our lives no matter what. The students that attend our school almost always have some type of music playing, whether it be through their headphones or out loud in the hallways.

In 2021, many influential songs and albums came out, and the students have their favorites, from the biggest albums of the year like “Sour” by Olivia Rodrigo, which was Ian Decosta’s favorite album, to “Home Video” by Lucy Dacus, which was Emily Desouza’s Favorite.

Most of the best-selling albums of the year 2021 didn’t even get mentioned, for example, “Dangerous” by Morgan Wallen and “Planet Her” by Doja Cat. The biggest artist On the list was Ed Sheeran and he didn’t even get a vote for his new album “=”. 

No two students that I asked had the same answer, I myself didn’t know half of the albums that were said, such as “Life Of A Dawn” by Dawn Toliver that Gabby Tsaliagos’s favorite of the year . 

The albums that our student body voted on were also almost all different genres, it ranged from “The Billage Of Perception” by Billie, a k-pop artist, to rap with the album “The Voice Of A Hero” by Pop Smoke.

Interviewing our student body about this subject really opened my eyes to a bunch of different things, like how everyone in the school is so unique, and no two students are the same. 

This encouraged me to go out and listen to different types of music that I would have never found on my own. I was never really into Taylor Swift until everyone was talking about her new album “Red (Taylor’s Version),” like my friend Kenzie Baggs. Now I always find myself going back to that album and many of her old songs. 

I encourage all of you to listen to different genres of music over the next year, maybe you can start by picking one off of this list. You never know you could find your new favorite artist.