Paranormal Activity or Creepy Coincidence?

TyAnna Fernandes, Web Master

The “Bridgewater Triangle,” a title coined by Leslie Coleman, comparing an area of Massachusetts to the infamous Bermuda Triangle. The area has three main points in Freetown, Bridgewater, and Rehoboth making it  a triangle. Much like the Bermuda Triangle, this area’s paranormal activity and spiritual links are questionable. A listless number of strange events have occurred within the area. The accuracy of it all is questionable.

To begin with, there have been multiple alleged sightings of Bigfoot. The mention of Bigfoot itself feels skeptical. Bigfoot is a large bipedal creature who is covered from head to toe with long hair, believed to have large feet. This creature’s description and that of the one seen within Massachusetts, specifically in the Hockomock Swamp, are a little different. This Bigfoot described by the multiple witnesses within Massachusetts, is bipedal but also runs on all four limbs. Covered in brown hair-like fur, the creature is quite large, and smells like the swamp.  Sounds similar to a black bear, which are known to be occasionally brown in fur color.

Bigfoot isn’t the only one of questionable existence within the triangle, the other is a killer dog in Abington. Described as a large black and gray dog that attacked livestock within the area, it was dubbed a “killer dog.” The description is very similar to that of a grey wolf or a coyote seen within the dark. Both of those animals would attack livestock if they were to be found within a more rural area.

The third questionable creature is the Mansfield Mystery cat. Much like the killer dog, this mysterious cat seems much like a common mammal found within the forests of America. Described as a large tan cat, it sounds just like a mountain lion. While the likelihood of a coyote, wolf, or mountain lion being found within Massachusetts are low, there is always the possibility of a wolf or a mountain lion escaping from a nearby zoo, or from a personal owner who may have smuggled them into the state. Both occurrences are within the realm of possibility.

However, cryptic animals are not the only things seen within the triangle, there’s also been countless sightings of ghosts, specters, and phantom fires. All of these are naturally questionable. So far there hasn’t been any completely solid evidence of ghosts. This is due to the point that video and audio files can be edited, and rumors that are spread could be just rumors.

Along with all of these instances, there’s a raised amount of criminal activity within this area, specifically in the Freetown-Fall River State Forest. There’ve been murders in the early years of the forest being named but there have also been attacks as recent as 2016. Many lives have been lost within the forest, both human and the life of animals.

This high frequency of animal mutilation and homicides has lead to belief that there is a high level of negativity within the area. Leading to hundreds of paranormal researchers to traveling the area to find an explanation. But this could also be due to the forest being so dark, making it easier to commit crime without being seen.

All of this brings up the question, is all this paranormal activity real or is it just a creepy coincidence?