Hit or Miss: The Batman


Vanessa Albino, Editor-in-Chief

  At a whopping 2 hours and 56 minutes, The Batman starring Robert Pattinson delivered a great take on the classic DC comic and is easily one of the best movies to come out of 2022 so far. 

  Even before its release, it was surrounded by massive hype, drawing in an audience of DC lovers and fans of Robert Pattinson alike. So it’s no surprise that it’s currently amassed over $463 million and counting in global box office profits. 

  Cinematically speaking, the movie has great visuals which only accentuate the dark, grittiness of Gotham. The scenes are usually very heavy, with gray tones and minimal color. These efforts combine to make The Batman a very visually appealing film. 

  For many fans, Robert Pattinson was an unconventional choice for Bruce Wayne, especially since his acting has been reduced to his role as Edward Cullen in Twilight. However, Robert Pattinson completely immersed himself in the role and brilliantly portrayed the volatile angst and edginess of Batman. 

  While The Batman is not a romance film, the movie’s marketing relied heavily on Catwoman and Batman’s relationship. Sadly, this fell short. A major problem in this film is the storyline development between Selina and Bruce. Their lack of chemistry made the end of the movie, which was supposed to be seen as tragic and heartbreaking, lackluster, and overdramatized. For fans that came specifically for the romance, sitting through the grueling almost 3-hour movie can be disappointing. 

  One of the problems that come with adapting a comic from the 2oth century into a movie, is how to modernize the story without messing with the plot. Since The Batman places the iconic story in a modern-day context, 21st-century technology is utilized. An example of this is the Riddler, who live-streams his crimes and even calls Bruce Wayne from a phone strapped to a bomb-clad Gil Colson. Frankly, the usage of technology was underwhelming and added nothing when it comes to horror.

  The movie’s rapid success has not only secured Robert Pattinson’s status as an actor it’s also increased Something In the Way by Nirvana streams by 1,200%. Overall what the film lacked in plot development and romance, it made up for in stunning visuals and acting.