NBHS Arts Department Delivers Outstanding Performance at Pops Concert

Vanessa Albino


Vanessa Albino, Editor-in-Chief

On March 11th, 2022 members of the NBHS concert band, orchestra, jazz band, and show choir performed a medley of songs for friends and family at the school’s Pops Concert.

The concert featured performances from a variety of music classes. Located in the gym, this small concert showcased the enthralling talent here at New Bedford High.

The concert began with members of the drama club sitting in the audience, when the music began, they ran out onto the floor and spread themselves out in the bleachers, dancing with audience members.

From there, the show choir successfully entertained the audience with a unique performance of What Happens When a Woman Takes Power which had no backing music and relied on stepping and clapping.

The NBHS orchestra also performed a few pieces with the teacher Mr. Langille stepping in during intermission to remind the audience that anyone is free to join.

The Jazz band also performed a particularly upbeat song which had the audience bopping their heads and tapping their feet. Something particularly distinctive about this performance would be the various solos performed which allowed many students a special moment to showcase their talents.

There was also a performance from the Colorguard, who performed their 2022 show Enchanted,  which allowed a break from the music and added a visual aspect to the concert.

Spirits were certainly high at the concert, there was lots of love shown by both audience members and student performers who were in the show.

The last portion of the show featured another section of the show choir who performed songs like September by Earth, Wind & Fire.

To end the concert on a meaningful note, the show choir performed a rendition of Imagine by John Legend in which all the members wore shirts representing organizations they felt passionate about.

Overall, the concert was a spectacular display of talent and showed what the school has to offer.