NBHS Theatre Takes The Stage With Godspell


Sydnee Ramos, Staff Writer

The theater club here has been preparing for months for the musical they put on this weekend, Friday the 8th through Sunday the 10th. Being the first musical that could be put on in the school since 2018 due to COVID, “Godspell” brought great attention to the club as many students found a way to support these amazing performers. Godspell is about the formation of a community which carries on Jesus’ teachings after he is gone. 

The talented performers had many things to say about their performance and the preparation it took to make it perfect.

Aydan Sullo the main character of the musical said, The show is about building a community, and although our group is mostly friends, we needed to build upon this foundation. For the first month, we played various theater/improv games, team building workshops, before even approaching the script.” 

Like many performers, they also had some stuff that they felt they could have done better.

Isadora Rieiro another key performer in the musical said, “A part that we definitely could have done better on if any, was the opening. I feel that if we had spent just a little bit more time on it we would’ve come out and started the show stronger.”

The director of the show Sara Cadieux touched upon what her main role is during and even before the show.

 “As a director, my main role in the show is to translate the script to the stage,” Cadieux said. “It’s harder than it sounds because we don’t follow everything in the script to the letter. We have to make the stage directions work for our vision, our space, and our cast. As an educational theater director, I try to incorporate students into as many of the creative choices as possible, so that they learn why we are doing what we are doing. We primarily do this by asking the students questions so that they can discover answers for themselves, rather than being told something by a director.”

After the shows, many emotions were being shown but one of the many emotions was pride.

Sydni Colson said, I think we did really well on all of our individual songs and with group songs as well. I’m also really proud of everyone for knowing all of their lines.”