Why not clear?

TyAnna Fernandes, Web Master

If you’ve ever been in a classroom at New Bedford High School or honestly anywhere in the building you’ll find that all of the windows are made of frosted glass, meaning that students can’t see out of them nor can anyone outside see in.

You may also wonder why the school would practically have openable walls for windows. The answer would be, for security and to save money.

According to research window workers, the tinted windows we have are stronger than clear windows, strong enough to withstand things being thrown at them or being hit directly. This means that they won’t shatter like standard glass windows or leave a pile of glass for people to slip on.  Along with this, the people inside can’t get hurt by people outside of the building.

The windows are also tinted because the tint allows for the rooms to stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer as the window is thicker which stops energy from leaving or entering the building.

This also explains why most schools have these windows. However, the building has an issue where the heat will stay on in a handful of rooms all year round, making the rooms unbearably hot. The school also lacks a properly operating cooling system.

However, having tinted windows that we can’t even see out of isn’t all that beneficial. The tint on the windows blocks out more sunlight than anything else, which isn’t helpful for anyone. This is due to natural sunlight boosting dopamine levels.

It also makes the rooms gloomy and dark without all the lights on. Which causes the utility bill to be higher. Might as well have clear windows and a higher utility bill due to heating and air conditioning instead.

With how busy operations is, due to the school year ending and the daily trials of laptops in this school, it is unclear if the windows will be replaced anytime soon or at all. However, there are new windows in certain hallways so it is always possible.