Digital Fashion is Not the Future


Source: BoF 2021

Vanessa Albino, Editor-in-Chief


In an era of overconsumption, there is an emerging hero: digital fashion. Various articles have called this new metaverse fad into question, raising claims that it is the next innovation to storm the market. The main question is, is digital fashion here to stay?

Digital fashion relies heavily on an influencer and Gen Z-based demographic, which may be a letdown as not many teens are willing to drop upwards of $20 on a digital shirt. While digital fashion may be the perfect solution for social media influencers, who get to rock a new look without dropping 1000s of dollars on designer apparel, the average joe will not care for it. In fact, the monetary soundness of digital fashion can also be questioned as DressX, a main proprietor of digital fashion, has items costing $1,000+.

The main problem with digital fashion is the practicality of it all. While helping the planet and stopping excess shopping is a great cause, digital fashion will not be what brings about change to the planet. In a new digital age with NFTs and bitcoin, the emergence of digital fashion may seem to be a savior of sorts to the fashion community, which has struggled with sustainability. However. once the newfound novelty of this has worn off, digital fashion will be swept away in the throes of another metaverse trend.

The presence of digital fashion in the media has also been fairly lackluster. It seems that no one has been spotted wearing digital clothing besides creators for promotional purposes. The biggest social media influencer to speak on digital fashion has been Safiya Nygaard whose experience with digital fashion was very hit or miss.

If this digital fad cannot manage to appeal to social media influencers, it can not possibly be applicable to the average person.

This digital fashion wave is a result of the need to be innovative and inventive. In the pursuit of the next big “thing”, artists and creators have only furthered the mess that the emerging metaverse has caused. It is time to leave the basics as they are, there is no need for digitization when it comes to the most routine items, at this point, it is just blatantly unnecessary.