NBHS Seniors Commit to Colleges

NBHS Seniors Commit to Colleges

Sydnee Ramos, Staff Writer

With the school year coming to an end many of the seniors are going to college. College is a big commitment and a major achievement for many students here at NBHS who might not have seen it in their future. Even if you are not going to be attending college you should be proud of your achievements and the obstacles that you have to overcome to get where you are at this moment. 

Getting a chance to go to college is an achievement many people in many places are not able to do. The students here have been working hard for their 4 years of high school and it has paid off. 

Emma Gendreau and Destiny Misay are both attending college at Bridgewater State University. These 2 girls have put their best foot forward and have worked hard their whole lives for the things that they have.

The very hard-working secretary of the class of 2022 Sydni Colson has worked her hardest throughout her 4 years of high school and it has paid off for her as she is going to be attending Gordon College this fall. 

Sports in college are a huge factor, many students get the chance to play high school sports but many do not get the chance to play in college, and very few get to that milestone. 

Star Basketball Player here at NBHS Kennedy Franklin has committed to Bridgewater State University with the plan to play basketball for them. She has played outstanding in her 4 years of high school and her hard work and dedication really came through and showed her potential. 

Another Star athlete here at NBHS Lilly Gray committed to Bloomsburg University a Division 2 school to play softball for them. Lilly has been playing here for the past 5 years and the amount of hard work she puts in really shows and is appreciated by the whole school.