College Dorm Essentials

TyAnna Fernandes, Web Master

With the class of 2022 heading into the next part of their education, some students may be living on their college campus. When you move out, even if it is only temporarily, there will be a lot of things you may need. So here is a concise list of definite essentials for your college dorm.

The most obvious thing would be shower shoes, usually colleges will use a common bathroom with showers that everyone will share. The safest bet to ensure the safety of your foot health would be to bring shower shoes. These could be a regular old pair of flip flops or shoes made specifically for bringing into the shower.

Another suggestion would be to bring your own cleaning supplies; things like windex, clorex wipes, and all purpose spray will go a long way when it comes to keeping your dorm room cleaned. Cleaning is a common chore that all adults have to do, so it’s best to start early.

Laundry detergent, like tide pods or liquid tide, and dryer sheets or dryer balls will also be useful so you can clean your own clothes and sheets if there’s a laundromat close to your campus.

You definitely will want to bring your own bedding and you may also want to bring a mattress cover; this will cover your bed in the case of allergies and also may save your mattress if you ever spill anything on your bed.

Some type of storage unit is also quite useful especially if you will be in a shared dorm room, this will help you stay organized and may keep the peace between you and your roommate about taking up too much space.

Now when it comes to having food in your room a lot of people buy mini fridges and microwaves, however, this isn’t a necessity for those who don’t really plan on eating in their room a lot. Former college students who did use microwaves and mini fridges have mixed feelings about them.

Some like, blue house secretary Ms. Strawn, had them both and found them useful for midnight snacking. However, using these appliances really depends on your own personal preference and experience.

If your not really the type to eat in your room or you have a meal plan that you feel is satisfying enough to not need to snack outside of the cafeteria then getting these appliances can be more of a nuisance.

When it comes to actual classes and decorations it truly is up to each individual what they want or need, so make sure when you move in you buy stuff you actually like and want to have to make your space more comfortable and fun.

Overall make sure you have fun with your room and make sure you get these bare necessities to save yourself some headaches later.