Abortion: a conversation women are not apart of

Vanessa Albino, Editor-in-Chief

With the Supreme Court’s draft opinion to overturn Roe v Wade occurring mere weeks ago and various states creating pro-life legislation, women all over America can do nothing but watch in horror. There has been a domino effect over the past few years, when one state passes a law restricting the right to an abortion, another state will shortly follow. However, the possibility of overturning Roe v Wade was starkly unanticipated, and now that it is here, there may be no stopping it. 

Women have now taken to the streets, chanting and protesting, but one can only question if this will be enough to stop the spread of rampant pro-life rhetoric. 

It seems we move further and further from progressivity every year. With hate crimes on the rise and heightening wealth disparities, women’s rights seems to be the last piece that the American government wishes to take over. 

Although the pro-life and pro-choice debate has been ongoing since the 1980s, the draft opinion to overturn Roe v Wade has blindsided many women and within the shock and surprise, there is also a sense of resignation, an intense foreboding. 

Junior, Juliana Melara-Recinos states “Instead of progressing forward, our government is beginning to silence us by passing unnecessary legislation that only makes America worse in comparison to the rest of the world. Our country used to be a beacon of hope and opportunity but now it has become a prison, locking our liberty to choose and to be who we want to be.”

Many teenagers share these same sentiments, sadly growing disdain for the country and an enlightened sense of political consciousness may not be enough to prevent the government from pushing its pro-life agenda.