Enforcing School ID’s, Or Not


Jordan Graham, Staff Writer

School ID’s have been distributed in the previous years, but quickly disappeared. This year things plan to change, but are they actually?

School ID’s are used so that school administrators can identify who belongs in the school and who doesn’t. So, in order to ensure the safety of the school, students must be forced to wear them, right?

Well, in the past years, this has not ben the case. As said by teacher Richard Houston “teachers just give up enforcing them about a month after”

But is this year to change that? This year NBHS has made it necessary for students to wear their ID’s in order to receive lunch. So, since every student wants lunch obviously, they will wear it right?

But this is not the case, students only take out their lanyard when it comes time to receive lunch, then following, they place it neatly back in their backpack. Senior Clinton Dunston stated “I only use it so I can get lunch”

So in the end, just like the previous years ID’s went just as fast as they came, and now they are only used to get lunch, not to keep the school safe