Guerrero named Mr. Whaler

Contest returns for the first time in three years


Mario Guerro celebrates after being named Mr. Whaler

Marissa Sebastiao, Managing Editor

Mario Guerrero celebrates after being named Mr. Whaler. (photo by Jacob Duval)

An excited crowd cheered on senior Mario Guerrero as he was crowned the new Mr. Whaler. 

“It feels great knowing that I got crowned as the next Mr. Whaler, I never thought I was going to win because all I went for was to have fun with others,” Guerrero said. 

Guerrero was lifted up on the shoulders of seniors Essiah Marcial and Owen Tarpey as all the contestants and escorts circled around them and shouted his name, as they celebrated him and the show that they have worked so hard on for weeks. 

“A lot of hard work went into Mr. Whaler. We had multiple practices a week and they could be pretty long. But the contestants weren’t the only ones who worked hard, the staff and crew worked really hard as well,” Tarpey said. 

Mr. Whaler took place on Feb. 8 as 10 male contestants battled it out for the title of Mr. Whaler.  

Each contestant was judged based on four categories: swimwear, talent, casual wear, and a question asked during the formal wear portion of the show. 

The show was ‘1980s-themed as the group of ten seniors started the show with choreography to hit 1980s’ songs from Micheal Jackson, Rick James and many others.

These categories gave contestants the opportunity to showcase their creativity and have fun, whether it be engaging with the crowd or with each other. 

For some senior contestants, it was hard to figure out what their talent was going to be for the show as it required a lot of thought. 

“I guess you could say that Mr. Whaler brought a creative side out of me. It was a struggle thinking of what my talent would be because I don’t have one, but then I remembered that I had a kilt from Ireland that I bought. So that got the ball rolling, and I thought it would be so funny if I Irish step-danced in the kilt, so I taught myself how to step dance and picked the best song to do it to,” senior Cameron Sylvia said. 

Mr. Whaler is a tradition that has evolved through former Whalers. It has brought the Whaler community together for fun, laughter and memories to be cherished for a lifetime. 

“My favorite part of preparing for Mr. Whaler was just having fun with all the guys involved and just building unforgettable memories,” senior Calob Jardin said. 

Over the years since the last Mr. Whaler in 2017, it has been difficult for the school to put on this production as there were never enough people signing up for it and committing to the hard work that goes into it.  

This is why the class of 2020 was determined to bring it back to its glory after it had come to a halt in past years.

“I decided to do Mr. Whaler because I felt like it was an awesome opportunity to showcase my talent and have fun my senior year. We haven’t had any event like this in a while so it makes it fun and creates memories that will last forever,” Marcial said. 

When asked about what their favorite parts of being escorts, seniors Chloe Morgado and Corelys Santiago shared that it wasn’t just the performance aspect of the show. 

“My favorite part of Mr. Whaler would have to be dressing up and seeing everyone dressed up too, especially with what Mario wore in the swimsuit portion of the show,” Morgado said. 

For Santiago she really enjoyed being on stage and being in the moment of excitement. 

“My favorite part was being on stage and treating it like it was a runway, even though it wasn’t,” Santiago said. 

An immense amount of determination and hard work went into certain roles within the show, but although it was hard, there were rewarding aspects of having a pivotal role within this production, according to seniors Kelsey Rezendes and Ricardo Alvira. 

“My favorite part of being emcee was that I had a part in organizing the night, and I also got to dress up on stage and watch the whole show while still having a key role in the night,” Rezendes said. 

For Alvira, Mr. Whaler was an eye-opening experience that he will never forget. 

“Being a part of a show that didn’t happen for years was such an amazing thing, and being able to work with a truly hardworking group of seniors to put on a two-hour show that would only happen once in a lifetime for our class was amazing,” Alvira said. “Having a student input in the show really made me happy as I witnessed a tech crew that was ready for anything that was thrown at them, and to see seniors that have never performed on a stage before come together and act like professional performers in order to get something done really warmed my heart. I’ll never forget these guys and girls.”

Mr. Whaler is an event that seniors have been waiting to participate in for a while, especially senior Tiago Boia. 

“I felt that it was important to be a part of Mr. Whaler because I needed to do it for my freshman self. When I was a freshman I did sound for Mr. Whaler, and since that day that’s the number one thing I’ve looked forward to for my senior year. So I thought about it day and night for three years and it was well worth the wait,” Boia said. 

Mr. Whaler is truly a high school experience that creates memories of pure joy.

“From the rehearsals to the actual show, I had such a good time putting it together and being able to have that experience with people so close to me made it even better,” senior escort Madisyn Baggs said. “The feeling of being up on the stage with everybody was unforgettable.”