The positive aspects that have come from COVID-19

Marissa Sebastiao, Managing Editor

These are scary times right now where fear and panic overcome the daily thoughts of individuals. 

During this time in the world it becomes hard to escape all the negatives and focus on some positives like if you are healthy, if you are surrounded by your loved ones, or even if you have had the time to pick up a new hobby while in quarantine. 

Having a positive mindset during this moment in life isn’t easy, but things in life are never easy unless people try to stay optimistic and remember that although this may never be forgotten  in years to come, this pandemic is something that can be defeated if people do what is told of them and try to keep a positive and smart mindset. 

When being insightful to the positive aspects that have come from this pandemic society has seen a miraculous change in the environment. 

Junior Raquel Reis said in a text message, “We now see how much potential there is to revert the climate/natural crises that have been looming over society since the dawn of the industrial revolution well over a century ago. In a matter of weeks we have seen the dolphins come back to the coasts of the Mediterranean, clean streets in Venice, the appearance of the Himalayas from India, and I’m sure there is more to come.” 

Before this pandemic, Earth was being pushed against its limit and had to endure all the natural disasters and heal with time, but this pandemic has given earth time and space to heal faster. 

“All of this proves that the environment is completely salvageable, for when people look beyond economics and dedicate care to a cause greater than themselves, there is little the human race would not be able to accomplish. We have been pushing the Earth’s limit for so long, COVID-19 is in some ways, I believe, the Earth pushing back,” Reis said in a text message. 

There is also a coming together of humans to change the bad into good and offer hope while continuing to provide assistance to everyone on the front line by self-isolating and protecting those who are more at risk of catching this deadly virus. 

Senior Anton Scurry had this to say about the unity of people during this national pandemic. 

“I think what’s been going on in this pandemic has been a really strong impact on our society, on our families and friends, and it’s showing people even in a bad place like we all are (in) now that we can still come together and work things out,” Scurry said.

Although there is a lot of uncertainty with the nature of this pandemic, the key is to unite together and find a resolution for our future. 

Portuguese teacher Debbie Dias texted, ‘“This virus does not discriminate. It doesn’t matter your race or nationality. We as the human race are all together fighting this ‘invisible’ enemy.” 

In hard times like these, it is common for a person to look to what they believe in most to provide them with hope and adversity to get them through with the best mentality. 

Senior Devin Moreira texted, “In times like these, we need to be dependent on God and not fear but stay strong. Seeking out the word, praying, that’s what’s expected and needs to be done.” 

During this long period of self-isolation many have found the time to pick up new hobbies or even catch up on a passion that their busy lives would get in the way of. 

Senior Allison Baptista shared her thoughts on how this pandemic is offering a time to reflect on things we took for granted in our daily lives. 

“I definitely think that because of this whole pandemic people are starting to appreciate the little things in life that they used to take for granted like just being able to go to the store or the movies or hanging out with friends and I also feel like people are taking this time to be productive or pick up hobbies,” Baptista said. “I was able to get rid of so many clothes and things in my room that I could bring to a donation box which was positive. I also took the time to paint more which is something I love doing.” 

Being quarantined has offered many a space to do what they love and hangout with their loved ones more. 

“I’ve been able to focus on specific hobbies that I wasn’t able to tackle during the regular school schedule. Such as, learning new songs on the piano, getting more involved in art making, and experimenting through cooking meals! Also, being able to spend more time with my Dad by going out on hikes has been great since I’ve been able to reconnect with him and explore nature,” junior Keira Kolostyak said in a text message. 

Although this pandemic has hit humanity with the worst, some positives can be taken away moving forward. 

Reis said in a text message, “We all must dedicate our mindsets to the idea that there are better days ahead. The human race has no choice but to adapt, improvise, and overcome.”