The unexpected life passion

Bianca Lange, News and Features Editor

Sean Moroney, a humanities teacher, sits at his desk and from time to time bites into his sandwich before being interviewed by one of his quiet homeroom students. He smiles as he recalls the memories that have made him the person he is today.

He never really liked school, in fact hated it at times. Never could quite picture himself as one of those pesky teachers bugging students to do their work.

 After completing his education, he decided he wanted to step out of his familiar bubble and expand his horizons.

 “I have been to 48, or 49 of the American states. And I’ve lived and worked in four different continents,” Moroney said.

 In his travels, he had learned many different things and met many interesting people. He looks in thought as he recalls the food, the sights, and the smells that were exotic yet warming.

But it would be one decision that brought him to that one place where he would meet that one woman, his future wife.

 Over time his loathing for school faded. He’d spent many years of his life soaking up education without even realizing it. Each place gave him new experiences and each new experience brought him new knowledge.   

 “For me, I was always a very passionately curious person and interested in learning,” Moroney said.

He became one of the things that annoyed his adolescent self the very most, a teacher. But he wanted to share his knowledge and make students have the same hunger for learning as himself. He wanted to open their minds, make them ask questions, and to be inspired by education, not tired by it.

He teaches students, counsels them, comforts them, and is more than happy to do so. There’s nothing he’d rather do.