Books vs Ebooks

Bianca Lange, News and Features Editor


Books are the gateway into education, imagination, as well as creativity. They can inspire and take people on unworldly adventures, take us to our best highs, or our worst lows. Whether it’s the words from Shakespeare, Austen, or Patterson, books have had an impact on the world and our point of views.

 With the changing of the times and advancing in our technology, some don’t even want to pick up a book. So a way to make a compromise between screen time and reading was to combine the two together, thus the making of eBooks.

Along with the convenience of not having to lug around heavy books, all your favorite authors and genres are in your pocket. You can read anywhere at anytime and you can read almost anything.

But, making youths to pick a book can be a hassle, with the source of entertainment being on their screen it is a difficult task to achieve,

“Getting students to look at a book can be an uphill battle at times. There can be a multitude of reasons why they are so hesitant,but many of them have simply decided that they don’t ‘like’ reading,” ELA teacher Caroline Hill said.

The fact that this millennium suffers from a technology addiction, it’s not a surprise that books are no longer what they used to be. That’s why e-books was invented, a tool to engage the younger population into reading.Regardless of the many positive aspects of an e-book, there are also downfalls. 

“I think that some students would be more engaged if they were reading an eBook,” Hill said. “On the other hand, many students might find themselves easily distracted by the device. Some people prefer a physical book to an eBook because reading off a computer screen hurts their eyes.”

E-books may be better for the environment, without as many trees being cut down which preserves our nature. But they give people another excuse to have their face in a device.

“E-books can be very beneficial,”Junior Kayla Kaloyanides said “But e-books are another way of using technology to take up space in society.

The argument still stands, which is better? One being more convenient, but not as traditional. And the other being physical, but over time can tarnish and damage. The only true way to find out which is better is to look at the sales,

“Publishers of books in all formats made almost $26 billion in revenue last year in the U.S.” CNBC writer of Physical books still out sell e-books– and here’s why Lucy Handley said. “With print making up $22.6 billion and e-book taking $ 2.04 billion, according to the Association of American Pubisher’s annual report 2019,” said Handley.

In conclusion, the old fashioned book takes the win. Nevertheless, reading is essential for the mind and soul to grow and nourish. So, it doesn’t matter what you read on as long as you’re reading.