Ranked-choice voting on the ballot this fall

Mason Ferbert, Staff writer

The second ballot question of the election in Massachusetts, ranked choice voting, is a very crucial question with important pros and cons.

Ranked choice voting is a voting system where you can order all the candidates in order of your preference, rather than selecting only one candidate.

You can put candidate A in first place and candidate B in 2nd to be voted in.

You have to have 50 percent 1st choice votes but if no candidates get 50% then the candidates lowest first choice picks are eliminated. If candidate A was to be eliminated then your vote goes to your second choice.

The nonpartisan, nonprofit website Ballotpedia.org said  on what ranked choice voting affects if it is voted in, “Primary and general elections for state executive officials, state legislators, federal congressional and senate seats, and certain county offices beginning in 2022.”

The pros of this system are that even if your 1st choice is voted out them your vote still matters.

“I do like the idea and I think it’s cool because,” sophomore Anthony Woodis said in a text message. “It would give our votes more weight.”

Ranked choice voting also has some cons that are holding it back, most namely that the system is very complicated for the normal voter.

Anthony Woodis said in a text message, “This system could be very challenging, confusing, and demanding (etc.) for the average voter.”

Also, it might not be fair for people’s votes to be switched if they only want to vote for one candidate.

Sophomore Kailey Sousa said, “I don’t agree because of multiple reasons. However, the reason that sticks out the most is the fact that we have freedoms. One is the freedom to vote. If people are voting for one person, and they want that person to win, then why would it be fair to switch their vote?”

Ranked choice voting is a tremendously import decision the state as to make because it could change the fundamental way citizens could vote for their preferred candidates.

Ranked choice voting is already implemented in several states including Maine, which will use it for the upcoming presidential election for the first time.

Also ranked choice voting is being voted on in the same way in Alaska for the November 2020 election.