Local preschools deal with new restrictions and realities

Megan Viera, Staff Writer

The coronavirus has affected schools, daycares, and teachers in many ways. Due to the virus, there was a various amount of changes that has been hard for many teachers to adapt to and understand.

“It’s really hard getting used to the rules,. Even after a while of being here and doing it daily, I’ve still have had years longer working without doing it,” Pace Head Start family advocate Tracey Medeiros said.

Due to the virus, it has been hard for people to remember rules that they aren’t used to. Some people may think it’s safe to send children out, but it may not be the best idea at this time.

“I don’t think it’s the safest for children to be in school yet only because New Bedford is in the red right now. It’s a risk to us,” childcare worker Jaylyn Bouchard said.

New Bedford is now in the red zone and because of that, it’s more likely that people can catch the virus.

To prevent the virus from spreading in New Bedford,  people are required to wear masks before entering a building, no social parties over 10 people are allowed, and there is social distancing. In schools, students must practice social distancing to prevent it from spreading to others.

The virus made it hard to adapt to things, but it also been a little easier in some ways for others.

“It is less stressful. I am usually exhausted by end of the day, but since there is less kids, it’s easier to provide things that the children need,” Mederios said.

Teachers usually have more children in their classes but because of the corona virus there are now fewer children.

“The easiest part about it in my opinion is that it’s quicker to give children what they need since there is less of them,” Bouchard said.