Jo Jorgensen: Libertarian candidate for president

Jazlynn Marrero, Staff

Jo Jorgensen, candidate for the Libertarian Party, former party’s nominee for vice president in the 1996 U.S. presidential election as the running mate of author Harry Browne.
Jorgensen was born in raised in Grayslake, Illinois. Jorgensen first ran in 1992 as a Libertarian representative for SC-04, in northwest South Carolina, against incumbent Democrat Liz J. Patterson and Republican challenger Bob Inglis.
In August of 2019, Jorgensen filed to run for presidency in the 2020 campaign, but did not officially launch her campaign until November of 2019.
She was second in the popular votes, winning 12 of the primaries. As of May 23, 2020, she officially became the Libertarian candidate for the 2020 election.
Jorgensen’s vice elected was none other then Spike Cohen, who is an American political activist and podcaster. As with previous candidate Hilary Clinton, her famous slogan “I’m with her” was trending headlines alongside Jorgensen.
As part of her campaign Jorgensen, released a list of potential Supreme court nominees including Clint Bolick, Eugene Volokh, Janice Brown, Dana Berliner, Anastasia Boden, Timothy Sandefur, Scott Bullock, James Ostrowski, Alana Gura, Jonathan Turley, Damien Schiff, Clark Neily, Nadine Strossen, Jacob Hornberger, and Don Willett.
As part of her political positions, Jorgensen supports a free-market healthcare, and replacing social security with individual retirement accounts. As for her criminal justice and drug policy her position was very clear, she opposed federal civil asset forfeiture and qualified immunity.
Jorgensen opposed the war on drugs, and promised to abolish drug laws, stating that she would pardon all nonviolent drug offenders, and one of her strongest points being the demilitarization of police.
Immigration, was a huge part of current president’s trump campaign. His tactic being the wall he was going to build. Jorgensen has promised in her campaign that she would immediately stop all construction of the wall. Claiming “immigrants help the economy and that blending the cultures is beneficial.”
Part of being a candidate in the 2020 election is having, to deal with any and all having to do with COVID, as it has recently taken over. She claims that the current system in place is “the biggest assault on our liberties in our lifetime.”
As for the conditions of COVID such as mandated mask, and stay-home orders, Jorgensen is highly against all. Jorgensen believes wearing a mask “is a personal choice.”