COVID upends college application process

Jazlynn Marrero, Staff Writer

The virus has taken over many lives, and for the class of 2021 that has had a huge damper on college plans and preparation.

“Even though colleges are open and accepting students it will never be the same,” senior Carys Macedo said.

Like many other things, COVID has taken over everything and anything having to do with applying to college.

Due to COVID, many of the seniors from the class of 2021 have been set back a couple of months with their application process. Although this may not seem like a huge deal, the seniors are stressed and being run ragged.

Suzy Trahan, guidance counselor for the class of 2021, said about the systems being put in place in order to help the senior class, “We our doing our best in this difficult time to provide the resources and tools needed to make the application process easier.”

Although the school claims to be putting systems in place, some may disagree.

“I am the first one to go to college in my family and I need more support,” senior Sarah Spaulding said.

With SAT sessions getting cancelled and lack of one-on-one contact with teachers, the already stressful application process has become even more difficult. Many students have yet to start their college essays, which technically should have been done their junior year.

COVID has forced the schools to go remote, how will this affect college applications?

“Although I enjoy learning remotely, I feel as though I need to be face -to-face with someone in order to actually receive help with my college applications.” Macedo said.

Although New Bedford High School has some resources such as “Gear up,” students said that they need help with more than just the filling out applications.

Most of the students aren’t even clear on the colleges that are in their reach, or even what majors to consider.

COVID has caused things to change and new routines to be put in place, so many of these things have been pushed back.

Although the teachers and students need time to adjust, seniors simply don’t have the luxury of time. College and graduation are rapidly approaching and these issues for the seniors need to be handled with time and care.