My First Time Voting


Nadia Abouchanab, Editor-in-Chief

The 2020 presidential election with candidates Donald J. Trump and Joseph Biden, has left everyone on the edge of their seats. With that being said, NBHS has a lot of students who were able to experience their first time voting this year.

Laura Conde, senior at NBHS has recently turned 18 this past August, making this election her first time voting.

“It was certainly an empowering experience to be able to participate in the democratic system of our country, hopefully helping to create change through my vote,” said Conde.

Conde believes that this election is extremely important, especially for those who want to advocate for their rights, beliefs, and overall make a change.

“It was a gratifying experience to be able to put my money where my mouth is,” says Conde.

She speaks on how essential it is for the younger generations to vote because of those generations being the future of our nation: “we will be the generation to create real, substantial changes within our country, one vote at a time,” Conde says.

Senior, Jessica Brito found it quite interesting that she was “a lot less stressed,” then she thought she would be for a first-time voter.

“It was really as simple as walking in the building, getting my ballot, and checking off which candidates I thought were best,” Brito said.

Brito made it clear that she felt some feeling of empowerment realizing she was finally able to truly advocate to guiding America in the “right direction,” she says.

Parker Marahnas, senior, felt this experience was something that was very comfortable and “chill,” he says.

“I was with my parents and they explained to me how it all works before we got inside the voting area,” Marahnas said.

Marahnas enjoyed his experience voting. “I feel it is very important for people to vote every voices should be heard,” he said.