Profile: ELA teacher Bianca Vieira

Mason Ferbert, staff writer

People, music, lights, costumes, 8 counts, and everything behind the scenes were just some of the things Bianca Vieira was infatuated about with ballet.                              

Vieira is a 9th grade ELA teacher l and she did ballet for many years. 

“I started dancing after I went to a friend’s birthday party,” Vieira says. “I knew I wanted to join after I skipped cake and crafts for more stage time.”

She studied ballet and pointe for 16 years and gave most of her time like nights, weekends, and daydreams towards ballet.

“At 15, I became an assistant teacher and dance officially ruled my world,” Bianca said.

She would spend time thinking of the music, closing her eyes, and then envisioning the choreography.

Bianca loved bringing the music to life in the studio, editing the music and transitions and deciding on costumes and accessories.

Ballet meant a lot to Bianca because of all it gave to her and her fondness for the craft.

“I loved the craft because of the friendships I built and the confidence it gave me” Bianca says about Ballet.

“Dance has given me lifelong friendships, embarrassing photos and videos of the most off costumes, quality time with my mom, travel experience, and some French vocabulary,” Bianca said.

The craft wasn’t just an after-school activity. It gave her many things deeper than that. It gave her a lot of friends and confidence, also quality time and bonding with her mom.  

“The Nutcracker was a holiday tradition for me and my mom,” she said. “We would spend the day in Boston around Christmas and watch a show”.

She still dances when a song comes on or at a local pop-up event, and she still remembers the choreography for it.

Bianca stopped doing ballet after any years and said, “I take barre class, which is a low-impact workout class that infuses ballet with Pilates and yoga, and whenever I hear Rond De Jombe or Grande Plie all the memories rush back.”