The Other side to Senior Counselor Suzy Trahan

Jazlynn Marrero, Staff

“Nowadays, Kids are always watching their Snapchats, rather than being outside, enjoying the air or being with friends,” guidance counselor Suzy Trahan said. 

  Trahan’s parents are not from the U.S, so when growing up Trahan didn’t go outside or hang out with friends, it was more of a traditional upbringing. The routine seemed to be school, church, and then home; In about 5th grade, is when there was a bit of change. 

  “I saw the girls in my neighborhood playing basketball, tag, and running around which was all new to me.”  Trahan said. 

    Her family worked hard for what they had, her dad worked from 4am to 9pm, which ultimately led to her never really seeing him. Spending money wasn’t a common option when it came to Trahan’s mother. 

So, one day basketball flyers were going around Trahan’s school in 5th grade, and she decided to ask her mother if they could sign her up to participate. She began to fall in love the sport and, it became her hobby, she was on five teams at once, including the “Acushnet All-stars” 

  She continued to play basketball all through 5th grade until she got a job in high school. Trahan never really saw the competition; it was more about the game and being part of a team and being with friends. 

   When she graduated Trahan went into the social work career path, she loved working with kids, and this ultimately led to her love for the world of education. 

 Originally planning to get her master’s in social work, Trahan at the age of 25 decided to switch her career path.  Ultimately chose to still work with kids/teens. 

   She then decided to become a guidance counselor, at her Alma Mater, New Bedford High School and is now the counselor to the class of 2021.