Langis channels advocacy as GSA adviser

Sunny Santoyo, Staff Writer

Lisa Langis is a woman of passion, she was shocked, and she walked into the headmaster’s office with a demand for justice. She walked out with the advisor position of a shining, new GSA, also known as a gay-straight alliance club.

In September, 2000, Lisa Langis, working in New Bedford High School’s library, had read a Standard Times article saying there were limited numbers of GSAs and she couldn’t believe it. She thought New Bedford High School was such a diverse place and there was more social acceptance at that time more than ever.

Graduating in 1981, she understood the lack of resources at the time for LGBT student, but in 2000? Heartbroken, she knew she had to do something.

Going straight to the headmaster, she was told that she was right, and was told she was to be the new advisor. Although surprised, she gladly took the position.

“It was the best thing that I ever did.” Langis said.

There was undeniable love and care for those students from Langis, she put her heart and soul as advisor.

As advisor, Langis had an obligation to her students to empathize and be there for them no matter what. As a lesbian, she knew the necessity and importance of the club, to protect student from the fear and shame she felt.

“We are not going back into invisibility, not going back into the closet.” Langis said.

Langis is proud of who she is, proud of her students, and she knows this is in everyone’s best interest.

She’ll strive for a great future for the club despite everything happening, and it’s not going anywhere.

She will walk into the same building she always does, walk into the club, greet every student with a smile, because that who she is, a simple advocate.