Review: ‘Projectors’ by Kyle Lux

Mason Ferbert , Staff Writer

Kyle Lux (publicity photo)

Kyle Lux’s second fully realized pop and R&B EP sees Lux start to experiment with new beats with a more concise theme and message compared to his previous album. While only four tracks, this may seem like a decrease in quality because of the limited time he has to spread his theme, but this actually allows Lux to tackle his theme of love with precise timing, not wasting a second or reminiscing on a previous beat.

This EP is in stark contrast to his previous work on his first album, “No Roof Access,” which seems to have a constant movement or fluidity to the songs. This EP takes time and looks more inward at Lux and his feelings in the songs.

This introspective tone allows more weight in the song “Thank You for the Moment,” which takes a soulful expression with minimal beats and Lux’s voice on display fully in the piece. As an ending piece, this song closes up the album in a neat bow and solidifies that Lux’s can do more with his music than what he has done.

But if the song “Thank You for the Moment” is most different to his previous work, then “222” is the opposite. This opening track seems to be moving a lot like his previous works, especially in the chorus where a high octane “Hey” lets Lux’s musical talent be on full display. This song allows the listener to be engrossed with what Lux’s is good at, which is that R & B sounds have a blend of great musical timing and beats and is known for.

“Are You in Love?” is a mix of both the fluid motion like with “222,” but it takes soft and soulful moments akin to “Thank You for the Moment.” This track masterfully blends the two directions Lux is trying to take and delivers a fully balanced song between those directions. This song also best shows Lux’s feelings with highly descriptive wording like in the second verse where he says “It’s the only means to fly Let’s aviate Maybe if I wasn’t shy I could regulate Wait, how could I ask you? I know I have to just find the words to say” with  a good flow that delivers one of greatest songs Lux has delivered thus far.

The third song on the EP, “Softly,” is an engrossing and hard hitting love song that is similar to his previous work in the beat and the fluidity to it. This song necessarily doesn’t go too crazy in testing out the musical waters but does give an excellent song in his previous style not going which does seem a little bland compared to his more adventurous songs. This song came out before the album and it showed that Kyle still has a hand in his RnB roots, although it is disappointing that Lux didn’t try to experiment more with the song.

This entire EP in many ways allows Kyle Lux to try out what he can do in the soulful route with great success. Even though this EP is short, it is long enough to give an impactful message with memorable beats and lyrics, which makes his career that much more exciting to see play out.