COVID High School Life is a Big NO!

Schools have officially taken off and classes are back in session…or are they?

Unfortunately, the start of the 2020-2021 NBH, school year took place at the comfort of students’ homes. With this happening, seniors especially are feeling bittersweet about their last year of high school.

Senior, Hailee Duarte, rants about how this year has created a serious amount of no motivation for her and her fellow peers.

“I feel as if we are doing all this work with no rewards, we have nothing to look forward to like we used to such as homecoming and the rally” Duarte said.

Senior, Brandi Chenard is upset by how much is being stripped from her this year, being her last year of high school.

“We didn’t even have a real spirit week…its depressing that I can’t even sit next to my friends in class anymore”, Chenard says.

Freshman, Hayleigh Chenard discusses how she is trying to make her best out of her first year of high school.

“I’m not really sure what I’m missing out on but I’m trying to keep myself motivated by playing sports for the school with my peers”, Chenard says.

This year hasn’t only been tough for the seniors (losing their last year of high school), but the freshman also are stripped from an actual chance to feel what high school life is like.