Can’t watch movies with your family

Nicholas Letourneau, Design Editor


Well, when you’re at home watching a movie with family, it,s usually no snacks. There might be some take out like pizza or Chinese or something, but the golden rule is “no food in the living room,” unless you have those cool parents who let it slide for movie night.

Plus you are usually squished together so everyone can fit on the couch, so sitting isn’t all that comfortable either. But as long as the movies good I don’t care how I’m sitting. The thing I care about is that one family member that guesses the entire movie. Like, you’ll just be enjoying the scene and the person is like, “Oh, yea, they’re going to die, definitely.” It’s even worse when they are right, and they go off saying, “I knew it! I’m like an absolute genius” or something along those lines. Just shut up and watch the movie! I didn’t skip my favorite show just so you can guess and spoil this movie. At least when you’re in a movie theatre, you have a whole theater full of people so that family member has to be quiet.

Oh, and don’t even let anyone go to the bathroom during movie night, cause then the movie gets paused, and it’s just awkward silence until that person comes back, which for some reason it takes them 5 or 10 minutes. Like, man, what were you doing in there, defusing a bomb?