A Boys Cross Country Recap

Nadia Abouchanab, Editor-in-Chief

As the 2020 fall sports season comes to an end the boys cross country team finished off their season even with COVID restrictions. 

Despite the restrictions, freshman Braxton Pennington was optimistic throughout the season.

“The sport is a great and healthy way to gain friends, as well as do physical activities, as well as meeting new people,” Pennington said. 

“Even though it was my first season and I didnt get a full XC experience I am beyond thankful for the confidence and passion I achieved on the team and I can’t wait for my next season”, Pennigton said. 

Junior Carl DeBrito, who competed on the team for four years, said he felt as if this year was kind of disappointing, but he pushed through due to his amazing experiences from previous years. 

“This year I had a knee injury throughout most of the season, so I was already discouraged; there were no invitational meets because of the virus, so I felt my motivation slip here and there,” DeBrito said. 

“The coaches and the teammates I’ve been able to work with throughout the years have been amazing, and I’ve learned so much from being a part of this team. If I could describe the team I would say we are hard-working athletes,” DeBrito said.

Head Coach Jeremy Tilton said this season was definitely a challenge but very promising. 

“Obviously the biggest challenge this year was a season during the pandemic. My biggest concern was to keep everyone safe,” Tilton said. The best part “was our first meet because post-race I realized this season could be a success. I saw much potential in every athlete and this team was very respectful.”

The team was able to make the most out of this season no matter what the circumstances were. 

“We were a very inexperienced team, but our kids worked hard every day, some were a part of it because of their previous fall seasons, but they all respected the sport and respected each other.” Tilton said. “It was a fun season for me to coach this year.”