Sage’s Nightmare

Aries Robertson


He collapsed on the floor, I didn’t know what to do. I’d been in shock. I screamed my brother’s name over and over, but he wouldn’t move or get back up. The tears in my eyes clouded my vision. I could feel the presence of the thing, the ominous, dark entity slowly engulfing the already dim hotel hallway we were in. I grabbed my brother’s limp body to try to drag him into an exit, but I was getting tired and breathless. I didn’t have my inhaler on me. Every breath I took felt like needles stabbing my lungs. I was quickly exhausted. 

I couldn’t make it in time, carrying my brother, and reluctantly left him behind. The blackness instantly consumed his body, and I noticed it sped up when I began to run. The hallway seemed endless. No matter how hard I ran, the blackness continued to follow me and I started to cry. My warm tears burned when rolling down my cheeks. Each step I took felt like my last, but I couldn’t stop. My entire body ached and I could feel my muscles cramping, but I kept running, trying to find a door, something, anything at the end of the endless hallway. 

I began to think, ‘what does that thing want? Why is this happening to me?’ 

Suddenly, I felt a sharp object collide into my foot, and I fell face-first into the dusty carpeted floor. I wailed in pain and squinted down at what I had tripped over. There was a toolbox full of screwdrivers. I attempted to get back on my feet, to no avail. I had split open my foot, and broken it. 

The entity was coming closer, and then it hit me, the stench of blood and death. I violently gagged and threw up a mixture of bile and blood. Panicking, I lunged at the toolbox and grabbed one of the rusted screwdrivers as the utter darkness began to approach. It was right on top of me. I froze in fear as I stared into the infinite entity. It was an indescribable midnight murk. The corruption was oozing out and it touched my broken foot. A searing, burning sensation shot up my entire body, and I let out the most gut-wrenching cry. 

My vision was dimming to black as my veins were filling up with the disgusting corrosion. I felt like my insides were melting. I had lost all control over my breathing, and I began to feel liquid in my lungs. I choked and coughed for air, but I was drowning in the grime. I tried pushing back against the dark, but my arm had disintegrated. My mind was filled with anguish. I believed this was the end for me. My final moments before being completely devoured by the blackness were only filled with gasps and breathless cries. 

And as I felt the tip of my forehead go under in the deep night, I was suddenly shaken awake with a familiar, warm face above me. It was the face of my older brother. 

“Sage! Are you alright?” he asked. I wept and plunged my face into his arms. He was surprised for a second, and then he hugged me and stroked my hair. 

“Shhh. You’re okay, it was just a silly nightmare,” he said. “Never, in my 17 years, have I ever heard someone scream that loud in their sleep,” he half laughed. After he comforted me and left my room, I laid in bed contemplating the dream. 

The pain felt unbelievably real.