The Existence of Time and Space: A Poem

Keira Kolostyak, Contributor

The stars and moon

My focus shifts from the car radio and wanders up above

My gaze pinpoints to an object in the sky

A familiar round gleaming image reflects into my eyes

My dear friend we meet again

Moon, how are you, I ask out loud

You have looked over me all these years

No matter where I go

I look above 

And it is you looking down upon me 

The endless summer nights you have watched me experience

Star gazing in the middle of nowhere in Hawaii

Walking on the quiet road in California

Admiring the night sky in London

Driving home on a cold brisk winter night 

You have always been there above it all 

Visions of New York City on a humid night 

Running through the RISD museum while hosting an exhibit for Design the Night

Wandering around the empty rooms of the museum while contemplating the simplicity of life 

Indulging in bubble tea in the back of the car

Picturing what life has in store 

Downtown walks during the golden hour 

Laying down when the day is over

Admiring pink clouds floating by 

While envisioning the future in my mind

I often wonder what its like from your perspective

If only I could see through your eyes

What all of those wonderful memories of mine

Looked like from the spectacle of the sky 

Midnight walks on a summer night

Reminiscing on the grand times 

While you have been there for it all

With the moon in the sky, I am never alone

As a matter of fact, I am always home