Dino-mite Birthday

Sabrina Escobar

I hope I live forever; and so far, so good. My name is Abigail and I’m 17 years old.  I live in Cape Cod with my dad, Arthur, and my little brother, Brayden. Life has been pretty relaxed lately, especially with the changing season. I walked home from school with my best friend Sage, who’s been my best friend since elementary school. When I first met her she was a bit shy, but once I got to know her she started showing her true self to me. She has really pretty hazel eyes and brown hair that I’ve always been jealous of. 

Dad got home from work with his matted blonde hair and plenty of sawdust stuck to his clothing. He plopped his toolbox down on the kitchen table. He’s a construction worker and works really hard for my little brother and I. It was a Friday night so we ordered pizza for dinner. We split the toppings on the pizza into half black olives and onion for my dad and I, and for my little brother, pepperoni. Brayden finds it gross that we like olives and onion but we just laugh about it. Dad went to grab a plate and it slipped and cracked on the floor. He lost the tip of his ring finger a while back by hitting it too hard with a hammer. Dad puts on a smile for us but I know he’s tired. That’s why tomorrow Sage and I are going to throw my dad a well-deserved surprise birthday party.

This morning, dad went off to work at 7 am. Sage came over and we headed off to the store with Brayden to grab the supplies we needed. I was going to bake a chocolate cake for dad and have Sage help me make some spaghetti and meatballs, since it’s his favorite food. Brayden suggested our party should be dinosaur themed since dad always liked to play as a dinosaur with us. We grabbed some dinosaur paper plates, cups, and napkins. We even got a dinosaur piñata full of our favorite candies. It wasn’t going to be a huge party, we just invited some relatives and Sage’s parents. We spent all day working hard trying our best to make everything nice, even Brayden helped set things up. It was 5 o’clock and our guests were arriving. 

Everything was perfect except for one thing: I forgot to get dad a present. Time was running out, and I couldn’t believe I forgot. I could hear dad’s truck pulling up in the driveway, so I turned off the lights and we all hid.  The door unlocked and everyone popped out and yelled “SURPRISE!” 

Dad couldn’t believe his eyes. Brayden and I went over to hug him and welcome him home. Now the party could get started. We put on some music, plated the spaghetti, and watched some football. The thought of not having a gift for him was in the back of my mind the whole time though. Eventually it was time to do the cake and piñata. Dad’s eyes were glowing up and he was grinning, sitting in front of his cake and candles. He said he didn’t need to wish for anything because he has the best kids in the world. Dad took down the piñata in one hit and apologized, but it was no big deal. All that was left was the presents. One by one he opened his gifts: a new shirt and jeans from grandma, a watch from Sage’s family, and some playing cards from uncle Joe. 

We thought the gifts were done, then all of a sudden, Brayden ran out from the room and grabbed a gift from behind the couch. It was a messily wrapped box with a bow on it. Dad opened it up and inside, was a scribbled drawing of me, dad, and Brayden. Below the drawing was one of Brayden’s dinosaurs with a ribbon on it. He wanted to give his dinosaur to dad and said that the gift was from the both of us. Dad was overjoyed and getting teary eyed. I was not expecting that from Brayden. We all went in to hug, and once we walked away, Brayden whispered to me that he has my back. As long as I have my family’s love, I truly do want to live forever.


Sabrina Escobar, Class of 2021