Goody, Goody Two-Shoes

Seth Carvalho

He collapsed on the floor, I didn’t know what to do. We’d been in shock. We were only juniors in high school at the time, all of us on the honor roll. Well, Except for Sage that is. Sage Robinson was the toughest girl at Westwood High. There had been rumors going around claiming that she killed a man, just for the fun of it. That was the kind of stuff Sage got a thrill out of. 

Our school was in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. A place of comfort and little to no stress for the locals. A lot of boating and fishing happens there as well. Which is why we thought our plan would work out, no problem.

  We were smart for a couple of 17-year-old kids with little to no planned future. It’d been “techtober” (A time of year where every tech company releases their newest line of products) and Apple was going to release their newest iPhone and MacBook to the public in just a few days. But we were broke and out of luck, our parents wouldn’t be helping us out. My friends and I didn’t know how, but we were dead set on obtaining those new devices.

Then, one day in school, Jason and I were talking in the hallway about the techtober devices, and Sage overheard our conversation. She began to ask us if we planned on getting the new iPhone and MacBook. We said no, because we were broke. She then offered us a way to get so much money that we could buy as many iPhones as we wanted. Intrigued by her idea, Jason, Sage, and I went home and prepared.

  Sage had been scoping out this one guy’s house that had lived on the shore. He was a retired fisherman with a nice house. Legend has it that on one of his fishing trips he got his finger bit off by a shark. Sage suggested we rob him, that way we could afford the new tech gadgets, and be the the most popular kids in school.

We agreed to rob him at midnight tonight. Gathered at my house, we went over the game plan. Jason and I would work out a distraction in the front of the house while Sage sneaks in through the back door and rummages around for valuables and money. Then we’d hitch a ride on one of the many docked boats in the harbor and book it. I wish I could say this worked as planned.

As Jason and I did our best to provide a suitable distraction, it was to no avail. We had heard loud drops and bangs coming from the inside. We had gone around back to check what had happened. There was blood splattered across the walls and floor, the old man was on the ground.

While Sage was breaking in, he’d woken up and tried to attack her. She then grabbed a screwdriver out of a nearby toolbox and shoved it through his skull.

We should have never listened to Sage, and now look at us. Simple high school students turned vicious murderers. This, this is what greed can do to people.


Seth Carvalho