Girls volleyball team pulls through an odd season

Kristina DaPonte, Design Editor

Even through a modified season and new limitations to the game, the Whalers on the girls’ volleyball team still found ways to keep their spirits up and have fun playing their favorite sport.

Some of the new rules for playing volleyball included wearing masks during practice and games, maintaining social distancing guidelines, and playing from the “COVID line,”, which was three feet away from the net.

“One of the biggest obstacles we had to face were the COVID-19 restrictions,” senior Jessica Brito said. “Through many practices and determination to be better, we were able to adjust to them fairly quickly.”

The team persevered through the season through teamwork, shared morale, and all the fun moments in between. While there were some tough moments, overall, the good moments were able to triumph.

“Every now and then our morale would be low, but it always comes back stronger when we realize we are here to play as a team,” senior Stacy Sanches said.

It’s not every day that someone could be a part of team as special and hard-working. Though their high school volleyball careers have ended, the senior members were able to end on a high note, leaving with their favorite memories of the team and heightened school spirit.

“What I’ll miss most is having something fun to do with my built-in friends,” senior Cainne Gant said.

“We had fun every practice, and the team is filled with people that genuinely care for one another,” Brito said.