The Haunting at the Johnson Manor

Keira Kolostyak

An ominous aura filled the late evening on the back porch of the Johnsons’ home; they realized they were not alone. It was October 17th, exactly two weeks before Halloween night. The Johnson family were no strangers and were not oblivious when it came to their Cape Cod family home that was passed down from their late grandparents. The one house on the block that no one would dare come up to at any time of the day, let alone on Halloween night. 

A mysterious myth had been told from one person to the next for over the past thirty years. The origin was based off of a young woman who haunted the house they lived in. The woman was known as “the lady with the missing finger.” She was also referred to as Sage.  It was rumored that her sister had chopped off her finger in jealousy, as Sage had married her lover. The sisters became so enraged at each other, that one bitterly cold night, she pushed Sage, with the missing finger, off the third floor balcony. 

Every year, around this time, the Johnsons became tense and disconcerted. It was a tradition for the family to leave the house on the night of Halloween and stay at a secluded rental house or hotel room. However, this year was different. The eldest son of the Johnsons’, Sam, decided it was about time the family confronted their worst fear and stayed at the house for the night. The exact same night the tragedy of Sage’s downfall struck. 

The family took this as a surprise, as Sam was the shyest child amongst the three children. The family consisted of the two parents, Timothee and Charlotte, their two sons, Sam and Noah, and a daughter, Alice. The night prior to Halloween, the family made a pact surrounding Sam’s plan. 

“This is outrageous!” exclaimed Alice. 

“I refuse to stay in this house on Halloween night,” Noah sided with her. 

“Think of what we could encounter, see, or discover!” Sam argued. Timothee and Charlotte were not too thrilled about the idea themselves. Although they didn’t strictly believe in ghosts, they were not entirely skeptical about the spookiness of the house itself. They always felt an eerie vibe around the time of Halloween, and could never imagine staying there on the night itself. 

The family eventually settled on Sam’s imposturous idea and decided it was about time to spend Halloween night in the vicinity of their own house. Afterall, it was their home. They could handle and easily manage the daytime. It wasn’t until the moon rose around the late evening that things took a turn. 

A gust of wind and leaves covered the lawn and front porch. The luminescent lights reflecting from the flashlights of trick or treaters shined inside the house through the antique stained glass windows. The floors creaked throughout the home. Noah shuddered after every creak, and anytime he heard a howl come from outside. The house rattled. The family all crowded together in the living room by the fireplace. The chandelier was shining brighter than ever. It wasn’t until the lights went out when panic arose. 

“The lights! What happened to the lights?” Alice and Noah shouted. 

“Kids, remain calm. It might just be a power outage in the neighborhood,” Charlotte remarked while trying  to stay calm. 

“Let’s go check the power box in the basement,” Timothee suggested. The family followed downstairs, as they would not dare be left alone upstairs in the dark. 

The family reached the bottom of the stairs, when they heard a slam come from above them. It was the basement door that had slammed shut. Unable to articulate any words or sentences, Charlotte went into a fury. At this point, Sam was the only one who remained calm. The Johnsons’ were trapped in their basement, with nothing but a puddle from the leak in the ceiling and a flashlight. 

“There’s always the windows,” Sam suggested to light up the mood. He could tell that the family most certainly was not enlightened by this. 

“First the power went out, now the door slams. I’m just waiting for the ghostly silhouette of Sage to appear with a missing finger,” Alice said sarcastically. 

“I wouldn’t speak too soon,” Noah suggested. An odd green glow appeared through the window. Could it be Sage herself? The family gasped, as the green mist morphed into a vision. A reflection of Sage’s dark past. 

Noah was nearly about to go into a frenzy before there was a voice outside that caught their eyes. It seemed to be artificial, almost like a voice recording. The voice sounded so distinctively familiar, as well. They just knew they had heard that voice before. Turns out, they most definitely had. As a matter of fact, the owner of that voice was standing right beside them. It was Timothee. He had decided to take this opportunity to pull a prank on the entire family, through extensive planning. He smiled in delight as his plan had followed through and worked. Everyone let out a laugh and formed a group hug. 

“Are you guys really that gullible?” Timothee inquired with a chuckle. 

“Well, we just weren’t expecting you to prank us like that,” Sam responded. The family shared an enjoyable moment and were relieved that the legend didn’t haunt the house. There was a knock above them at the window. 

“Not again,” Sam said to his dismay in a bewildered tone. 

“Let the Halloween antics begin,” Noah said.