Students Comitting To College

Nadia Abouchanab, Editor-in-Chief

As the school year has hit its second semester, the senior class has very little time left for their high school careers. 

Many seniors have finished applying for colleges and are receiving their decision letters. Some have thoughts of committing to one or already have committed. 

Natalie Mitchell has many places she’s been accepted too including UMASS-Amherst, Santa Clara University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Maryland, and Brown University.

“I have already committed to Brown, in terms of after high school I hope to be able to go and live on Brown’s campus next fall, majoring in either Literary Arts or History,” Mitchell said.  

Delcy Martinez has been accepted into nine out of 13 of her schools including Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Oregon State University, University of Colorado, Michigan State University, Rhode Island College, University of Rhode Island, Suffolk University, and University of Maine. 

“I plan on committing to UMASS-Boston and my plans after graduation is to spend as much time with my friends since we couldn’t make memories throughout this school year. I plan on moving to UMASS-Boston’s campus in August to major in nursing,” Martinez said. “I want everyone graduating to know that going to college doesn’t always determine how successful  you are, there are different ways and paths that people can take.” 

Kristina DaPonte has been accepted into very prestigious schools including Suffolk University, URI. UMB, UMD, and Northeastern. 

“I plan on committing to a college once all my financial aid awards start to come in,” DaPonte said.

“My major will either be in journalism or psychology. I want to be able to use my journalism degree to be a national or foreign correspondent and be able to travel, or use my psychology degree to help people in need and do some research,” DaPonte said. 

Raquel Reis has been accepted into Stanford University.

“I have not committed yet as I’m still waiting to hear back from other schools,” Reis said. “After high school I plan on attending a four year university or college and majoring in Earth and planetary sciences.”

March and April will be some big months for NBHS seniors as most college decisions are released at those times.