The effects of music on the young minds

Jazlynn Marrero, Staff

Music is a true form of expression, we utilize music in our day to day lives. Music is something we either use to improve our musical library or simply to improve any forms of mental health. Although these are very different points on the spectrum, they are the most common effects of music today.
Ciara Gracia, 14 year old Normandin student was asked about her connection to music and the reason why it is so prompt in her life. “Depending on someone’s mood , they use music to connect to something whether it’s the lyrics or the artist, we do it to feel something that we may not feel with those in our social lives.” Gracia described something that is very common amongst those who are either pre-teen or in their teenage years. When interviewing Gracia she was able to describe how she listens to music on a day to day basis, ranging from artists such as ‘One Direction’ to ‘Taylor swift’ and even the band ‘The neighborhood’. Which changes her mood and her state of mind so quickly and abrupt
Gracia, then when asked how music coincides with mental health said, “When I am feeling down, or am having stress from things involving my family, I chose to listen to more of my everyday music, because when your arguing with your family it’s a bit off course, and not considered part of your day to day routine. In a way it ruins your day, so listening to the familiar music can cause a sense of relief” Coinciding with stress, and anxiety Gracia describes her view and opinions, on how it personally affects and benefits her.
Then to differentiate the age range of those interviewed, Sarah Spaulding, 17 year old, Senior at NBH was asked similar questions.
When asked why she listens to music regularly Spaulding responded with, “It helps me stay focused and cope with emotions that may have been brought up throughout my day.” Although her music tastes range from different genres, when she feels a sort of weight on her shoulder Spaulding pops in her headphones and lets the stress and other emotions she may feel fly away, just by listening to a simple 3 minute song. Spaulding shared with me a quote she lives by when it comes to her connection to music. “Good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” When asked how she relates to this, her simple answer was, “I can go from crying my eyes out one minute, to singing along to any song in my playlist laughing my heart out.”
Music is a blessing, it helps so many people and affects us all differently. We use it many ways, but it overall has the same effect. Our emotions can change from any minute of the day simply by listening to a song.