The new Taylor

Jazlynn Marrero, Staff

Fearless: Taylor’s version by : Taylor swift

Possibly the best thing to come out of 2021 , Taylor Swift, Grammy winning artist, re-released her “Fearless” album on April 9th. Filled with 26 re-recordings and new songs, some off her most popular album “Fearless” which was released in 2008. So 13 years later, Taylor decided to re-record some of the most heartfelt, and popular songs amongst her fanbase including “You belong with me”, “Fifteen”, and possibly the most popular “Love story”.
When listening to this new album it heightens everything you felt all those years ago when first listening to the original “Fearless” album. Personally my favorite is “ Mr. Perfectly Fine” It very much is one of those songs you can listen to on repeat yet never get sick of it. In just the first few days of this new single being released it debuts on Billboard’s hot 100 chart.
Although that is a new song, we cannot forget about the classic “Love Story”, and all the nostalgia that comes along with listening to this absolute masterpiece. All we can think about is the way we scream, this song in our bedroom, every night. It truly is a song that will be in our minds forever, along with “You belong with me”, that also came along with Taylor’s iconic music video.Very much nice girl v.s popular girl, it gives all the nostalgia of our Taylor swift phase. Well was it really a phase?
It was said Taylor decided to re-record this album, to take control of her music, and gain all the control with the music she releases. Previously said Taylor’s music was released without her consent, and she had no creative control.
If you are interested in listening to music that absolutely will make you sing your heart out, I recommend taking a listen to Taylor’s version of “Fearless”. Take a listen to Taylor take control, and completely show everyone who and what she stands for.Available on all streaming platforms. Trust me when i say once you go Taylor you never go back.