Rhode Island Alpaca Farm Holds Open Farm Day


Alpaca at Hope Alpaca Farm

Emily DeSouza, Staff Writer

Hope Alpaca Farm in Little Compton, Rhode Island had an open farm day on Oct. 10. 

The farm is typically closed to visitors unless an appointment for a private tour is made. However, the farm has occasional open farm events. 

Established in 2016, Hope Alpaca Farm is a 20-acre farm in Little Compton Rhode Island owned by Bill and Hope Ryan where they raise Huacaya alpacas for their fiber and have hopes of educating others about alpacas. 

“I’ve been running the alpaca farm for about five years. Before, I had cows, and it’s been in my family for quite a while, so we’ve raised a lot of things,” said Bill Ryan.

While the farm is small, some visitors like that aspect of it. 

“It feels more personal because it’s smaller,” said Tim, who was visiting the farm with a group of people, including several children. 

While Hope Alpaca Farm is owned by Ryans, its name does not come from Hope Ryan but from the Rhode Island State Motto, adding to the farm theme of Rhode Island.  

“We have a Rhode Island theme, and all of the alpacas that are born on our farm we name with a Rhode Island [themed name]. So, our first was Blackstone and our second was also a boy, Metacomet,” Hope Ryan said. 

The event was completely free to attend, and they sold various items in the gift shop made from alpaca fiber. 

The farm is age-inclusive and even has staff of all ages. Miles Bowen and Molly Oliveria, who are both in middle school, help at the farm. 

“I like feeding the most probably,” Bowen said.

However, Oliveira disagrees as she stated, “I think I like holding the alpacas, like the babies.”