Boys’ Soccer Team Finds No Solutions for Brockton’s Offense


Ian DaCosta, Staff Writer

Brockton High School defeat the NBHS boys’ soccer team for the third straight time in a one-sided game on October 7th giving the team their 3rd and biggest loss on the season.

On a late Thursday night, the Whalers had a SEC conference matchup against a strong Brockton side in which they knew it would be a battle.

“We’re going to have to play hard and play with passion if we want to win this game today,” said John Macaroco to his team before the game.

The Whalers had to play this game without 2 important key players in Ian DaCosta and Connor Silva. DaCosta went down with an acl injury earlier in the season against Brockton and Silva is recovering from a recent concussion he obtained against Durfee earlier in the week.

The game was very close early on with both teams having chances in the first half, but neither team seemed to capitalize on their opportunities. New Bedford had the best chance when striker Delvany DeCarvalho missed the ball when he had a one-on-one with the Brockton goalkeeper.

During half-time, assistant coach Val Aroujo let DeCarvalho hear his frustration when he said, “Those are the chances we need to put in the back of the net.”

The game went on and in the first 25 minutes of the second half, Brockton was now leading the game 3-0. After the third goal, Macaroco called a timeout to talk to his team.

“You guys have to play harder out there because right now, this is an embarrassment to not only you guys, but the school,” Macaroco said.

With five minutes left in the game, Brockton got a yellow card and after an altercation happened, Brockton proceeded to play with only 10 men on the field to prove a point to the ref.

Seeing this from the bench, player Connor Silva told his team after the game, “They disrespected you guys by playing with a player down when they don’t even have a red card.”

The game ended 4-0 with New Bedford taking their biggest loss on the season. They try to move forward after the struggling performance to try and catch a win against Middleborough as their next game.

“That is the worst game that we’ve every played in and I’m not even going to school tomorrow because of how bad this was,” said senior Michael Tavares.

“If I could take my eyes out of my head and throw them away into a pile of poop, I would do that right now after watching what I just saw,” said coach Val Aroujo.