Everything Happens for a Reason

Vanessa Albino, Staff Writer

Kelsey Turner had no idea what to do when she got waitlisted from her top three colleges. 

She had gone to a competitive high school, worked so hard that she “never skipped a day in her life” and expected that everything would go as planned. She would attend a college in Virginia or its surrounding states and graduate and pursue a career in the field of her choosing. 

She had a few options to choose from for college, one of them being the University of Vermont, which she had never even considered. All her life she had a plan, she knew where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do, and now all of it was getting thrown out the window. 

Little did she know, this would lead her to one of the most important events of her life. 

 Turner made the decision to go to the University of Vermont, once she graduated she heard about the Peace Corps. She applied, got in, and went through the rigorous process of preparing for it. 

“There were a lot of medical tests I had to take,” Turner said, “I would take examinations before I applied and then even more after I got into the program, just to make sure I was medically cleared.” 

This entire process took about 1 year to be completed. Turner applied in 2016 and finally finished everything in February of 2017. 

Turner said her goodbyes and boarded a plane to Albania. She stayed there for two years, teaching English and doing community building. 

In Albania, she met some of her closest friends and experienced something that many people dream of doing. 

“I think it all happened for a reason and I think it led me to where I wanted to be in the end,”  Turner said.