Football Coach and Teacher

TyAnna Fernandes, Staff Writer

Jamie Sylvia, a father, a teacher, and a coach. Having one of the longest histories with the school, he’s living proof that Whaler Pride never dies, even after you graduate.

Sylvia has been a freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior at this school. Even after he went to college he returned again to become a coach when he was just 21 years old.

Now he works as a teacher and a coach, teaching psychology, Honors U.S. History I, and AP U.S. History. He coaches the football and baseball team, continuing the first job he had with this school from the 90s. Even after 30 years, he still keeps a tape of the first games he coached.

During his time at New Bedford High as a student he was on the football team, constantly retelling stories of how much pride he had in his school and how much fun he had.

Originally, he had studied computer science. Never intending to become a teacher in college, it may come as a shock that he is still working as one now.

During his sophomore year in college, he switched majors. After mentoring a Brockton student he decided to become a teacher, he chose history because he enjoyed history.

His teaching career started in a charter school, after working there for a while he was given a job as the football coach at New Bedford High. When there was a spot open for a new teacher, he applied and began working as a teacher and coach at New Bedford High.

His decision to become a psychology came a little later, as he was still teaching AP U.S. History and Honors U.S. History I, he decided to pick up psychology because it’s a social science. Being a social studies teacher, it was only fitting.