From Student to Teacher

Sydnee Ramos, Staff Writer

In her first ever art class as a sixteen year old girl who never even thought about doing art as a living. New Bedford High School’s art teacher Alanna Boucher only took the class because it was a requirement to graduate high school. “I started art at sixteen, so when I was in high school.” taking only one other art class before deciding to go to college for art. She fell in love with the arts but more specifically she fell in love with portrait drawing. Boucher would actually do portraits for her family and friends when she was in high school. “It was really kinda easy for me, I could do them sitting in front of a TV, if I wanted.” Boucher’s family has always been respectful of the arts and her dream to be an artist, her older sister even went to college for the arts. Her high school guidance counselor actually told her that she wouldn’t get into UMASS Dartmouth for the arts. That made her work harder for the goal so she could prove them wrong. “When I got accepted I just said I was going there.” Boucher made the decision to become an art teacher because everyone used to tell her that she would be good at it. She wanted to originally be a college art teacher but couldn’t land a job. Now as a high school art teacher she has one goal, for herself and her students. “My goal is to build a unified department between all our teachers, but also an area that kids really want to come to and be part of beyond the classroom.” Boucher runs an art club at the high school, in hopes to influence her students to want to be part of the arts department outside of the classroom.